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Welcome to the new

This is exciting, I haven’t had a blog going for a while.

Back in the days of freelancing I blogged on my freelance site, Little Penguin Studio. Then, as I entered the agency world, I neglected to maintain my own blog, especially as I began to blog on the company’s site.

Fast forward to a few months ago when the company I work for, Domain7, reimagined their website. The new site is a dramatic improvement in all ways, but eliminated the blog. I realized that to continue blogging about tech and development, I’d need I restart my own blog.

This is that blog. I’ll be writing about topics of web development, WordPress, ux, productivity, general tech, and whatever else comes to mind. I’ve brought forward some of my old blog posts, both from my old blog on the Little Penguin Studio site and from Domain7.

As well as longer pieces, you’ll see ‘link posts’, Daring Fireball style, with just a short commentary. These will be identifiable by the link icon.

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to contact me on Twitter at @_nathansh with any feedback.