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About me

Hey there. I’m Nathan, a web developer, designer and musician from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been making websites since I was 13 when I started teaching myself html and css (once css became a thing), and haven’t really stopped since. I worked for years as a freelance designer and developer, worked in the agency space for 5ish years, and presently work on the web team at MEC.

I’ve worked on all variety of project, but I particularly enjoy projects for people trying to make the world a little bit better (non-profits; socially, environmentally, and community minded organizations) or or more enjoyable (artists, musicians, arts organizations). I prefer to use open source tools in doing so, and, with many years of history together, WordPress is my CMS weapon of choice. In particular I’m really excited about the possibilities of WordPress as an application framework.

When I’m not making websites, I’m playing music, which you can find more about at