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Progressive enhancement & graceful degradation with Modernizr

So many different devices are used to access the web—from the top of the line, full-feature smartphone to the decade-old desktop running a legacy browser.

The former totes support for everything new and shiny and a touchscreen to boot, while the latter is limited in features. The two examples are disparate, but we need to develop websites for this very spectrum. Modernizr helps us do that.

What is Modernizr?

Modernizr is…

Icon fonts, the new hotness for a reason

Although icon fonts aren’t a new idea (remember Wingdings?), their use has seen a large resurgence lately. Up until @font-face support become widespread, the only way to use typefaces, other than the small handful of web-safe fonts, was to use an image or something nasty like Flash or cufon. Now that’s all changed and we can use 500-year-old typefaces in websites viewed on our 5-month-old mobile devices. But in…

LESS, not just compiled client-side

I’ve come across quite a few blog posts and podcasts lately comparing the two popular CSS supersets LESS and Sass. And although these resources are relatively useful, I’ve noticed nearly all of them presenting the same false assumption: that whereas Sass can be compiled server-side, LESS is compiled client-side only. They then come to the conclusion that since you don’t want to rely on JavaScript to compile your CSS, Sass…